This is the name given to the procedure in which a filler is injected into the lips to give that fuller, youthful look.

Full lips or a ‘pout’ are seen as a ‘must’ by a great many women who desire a sexy and alluring looking mouth. Plump lips are a sign of youth and sexual attractiveness.

The lips do tend to thin as we age: wrinkles form around the corners and they loose their definition and attractiveness.

How is it performed?

The lip area is injected with a filler in order to provide the desired plumpness. The whole procedure takes around 45 minutes and can be used to tackle a whole host of different imperfections such as lipstick stains, wrinkles, and a re-asserting of the cupids bow (the V-Shaped dip on the top lip of the mouth). This relatively simple and non-surgical procedure provides an interesting option for those who require a quick enhancement to their lower face.

The products used to perform a lip enhancement also contain a local anaesthetic which helps to ease any pain or discomfort encountered, making the process much more comfortable.

How long does it last, and will I suffer any side effects?

There will be some swelling immediately after the procedure but this is to be expected because of the treatment delivered to the lips during the process. This swelling should quickly subside however and then the results should be visible immediately. The results should last up to twelve months. There are very few possible side-effects but some light bruising might occur immediately after treatment but will subside in a couple of days.


Due to the speed of this procedure you will find that you can return home or back to work right away.This can be an ideal procedure for busy, working women.

The benefits of lip enhancement

You will have larger, fuller and sexier looking lips. These will make you look younger and generally, feel better about yourself.


All consultations and treatments are performed by a friendly knowledgeable specialist Nurse Prescriber with a wealth of experience.

Becky Wall